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We provide clients with the highest possible level of service anywhere in Harare.

From concept through construction, to the finishing touches of each of your projects, you can rely on our team to deliver a personal environment tailored specifically for you. By interpreting an individual client’s style and needs, our designs can successfully incorporate function while following modern decor trends.

Extreme Interiors

Extreme Modern Interiors is the best way to design your home. We work within your budget, big or small, from scratch or from existing pieces.

Vision & Mission

To provide all our clients with the highest level of service delivery and quality pieces, and become Zimbabwe’s premier decor and furnishings company.

Our Values

Offering quality services that are affordable for everyone, whilst creating a glamorous home makeover that makes your house a home.

Latest projects

We believe in long term design value, which we acheive by selecting quality pieces and through timeless design.

The principle behind our designs is to completely refresh your living or commercial space to reflect the modern image of life and work. From simple bedroom revamps, to full living room and kitchen fittings, and commercial spaces for work and education, Extreme Modern Interiors strives, always, to deliver the best quality that can be imagined.

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We make what others can’t.

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